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Patricia L. Heatherman
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Excellence with Compassion

Heatherman Law located in Bend, Oregon, offers attorney services for probate, business law, trust administration, estate planning, special education law, conservatorships and guardianships. Patricia L. Heatherman is the sole shareholder of Heatherman Law, which she founded in October, 2006. She has been practicing law for 20 years in Oregon, including 7 years as a partner with Merrill O’Sullivan, LLP.

Practice Areas

Learn more about Probate
We will help you understand probate before you get started and assist you in the process. "Probate - an Overview"

Estate Planning
Download these helpful documents to get started:
  • Estate Planning 101 (pdf)
    A reader-friendly source of general information about estate planning. Reading this before your first meeting with the attorney could save you an hour of time with the attorney, a savings of $250 dollars.
  • Estate Planning Questionnaire (pdf)
    This is a form for you to fill out that provides the attorney will details about your family and your assets. Again, filling it out before your appointment with the attorney will save you some of her time and therefore reduce your over-all cost. Do not let this questionnaire intimidate you. Just provide as much detail as you can without getting overwhelmed by them. It is more important that the attorney have an accurate overview of your assets with rough values than it is for her to have fine detail like account numbers and values to the penny.
  • Oregon Organ Donor Registry (external link)
  • Death with Dignity National Center "End-of-Life Resources" (external link)

  • Learn more about Business
    Learn about "Forming a Corporation" and "Landlord LLC Considerations"